Graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Graduate Students:

  • Sergio Vazquez Tagle Gallegos (Msc) – ‘Lidar-based snow depths in the Lajoie Watershed, southern Coast Mountains’

  • Audrey Faber (MSc) – ‘Sand provenance, Calvert Island’

  • Alex Bevington (PhD) – ‘Paraglacial effects in western Canada’

  • Ben Pelto (PhD) – ‘Glacier Change in the Columbia Basin, Canada’

  • Marzieh Mortezapour (PhD) – ‘Improved modelling strategies for glacier mass balance studies’

  • Adam Hawkins (PhD) – ‘Late Holocene Glacier Fluctuations at high latitudes’

Past Graduate Students:

  • Matt Beedle (PhD) – (PhD, 2013) ‘Glacier Change, Cariboo Mountains, British Columbia Canada’

  • Marit Heidemann (PhD, 2013) – ‘Flood Hazard and Risk, Lillooet River Basin’

  • Malyssa Maurer (MSc, 2015) – ‘Late Holocene Glacier Fluctuations in Southernmost Patagonia’

  • Rob Vogt (MSc, 2014) – ‘Development and Testing of a Regional Glacier Erosion Model’

  • Theo Mlynowki (MSc, 2013) – ‘Influence of Glacier Change on Sediment Yield, Peyto Basin, Alberta Canada’

  • Teresa Brewis (MSc, 2013) – ‘Glacier Change and Contribution to Streamflow in the Canoe Basin, British Columbia, 1948-2005’

  • Christina Tennant (MSc, 2012) – ‘Nine Decades of Glacier Change in the Canadian Rocky Mountains’

  • Lorenz Bruchert (MSc, 2012) – ‘Tool Stone Provinance, Nechako Plateau, British Columbia, Canada’

  • Courtney Jermyn (MSc, 2011) – ‘An Approach for Remote Landslide Mapping, South Nahanni Watershed, Northwest Territories, Canada’

  • Kara Przeczek (MSc, 2010) – ‘Assessment of Optimum Snowmelt Complexity, Cariboo Highlands, British Columbia, Canada’

  • Chanone Ryane (MSc, 2009) – ‘Holocene Glacier Fluctuations, Mt. Baker’

  • Janice Brahney (MSc, 2007) – ‘Paleolimnology of Kluane Lake’

Current Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Associates:

  • Dr. Kriti Mukherjee 

Past Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Dr. Chris Darvill (University of Durham) –  ‘Bedrock erosion rates and provenance of Calvert Island sand, Hakai Beach Institute’

  • Rob Vogt (MSc) – LiDAR Research Associate

  • Dr. Matt Beedle (Adjunct Professor, University of Northern BC)

  • Dr. Marelin Fernandez (Research Scientist, Cadic-Conicet, Ushuaia, Argentina)

  • Dr. Federico Ponce (Research Scientist, Cadic-Conicet, Ushuaia, Argentina)

  • Dr. Joe Shea (Icimod)

  • Dr. Tobias Bolch (University of Zurich)

  • Dr. Erik Schiefer (University of Northern Arizona)