Since my arrival at UNBC in 2002, I have mentored students in the classroom and as a thesis supervisor.  I teach on a variety of topical themes in the earth and environmental sciences including Quaternary and surficial geology, environmental reconstruction, process geomorphology, glaciology, and physical hydrology. My courses are designed to encourage active instruction and learning. As a university instructor, it is my responsibility to train students for a marketable earth science career. Students who take my courses rate me as a skilled instructor but one with high expectations. Most students who complete these courses feel that the laboratory components of these courses are challenging, but useful. I am always available to help students as evidenced in the student evaluation scores for these courses.

I have a keen interest in training students for marketable careers in the earth and environmental sciences. I have developed my upper-division courses to fulfill the requirements for the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEG-BC) Professional Geoscientist (PGeo) accreditation. The PGeo is actively sought after by most environmental consulting companies and government agencies that hire geomorphologists. Like the registered professional foresters accreditation (RPF), the PGeo is a legal entitlement to practice geoscience in British Columbia and Canada.

Courses I teach

Current and past graduate students and postdoctoral fellows